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- Bulk Head Reducer
- Female Adapter
- Long Reducer
- Male Adapter
- Port Connector
- Reducer
- Reducer Port Connector
- Weld Adapter
Female Adapter
Frac Stub Xiso Para (F) Gauge
Tubefit part no. Equivalent Part no. Type 1 Equivalent part no Type 2 ODT-ØT(INCHES) Ø E BODY HEX F ISOP-FEMALE-PIPE-SIZE P L
4-FAD-4IPG 4-TA-7-4RG ---------- 1/4  0.19  3/4  1/4  1.39 
6-FAD-6IPG 6-TA-7-6RG ---------- 3/8  0.26  7/8  3/8  1.55 
8-FAD-8IPG 8-TA-7-8RG ---------- 1/2  0.28  1-1/16  1/2  1.80 
Note :
No seal in made around the male pipe thread, instead, a gasket is dropped into the flat bottom in the female thread, and the end of the male threaded end exerts a load on the gasket to seal.(use rggd fitting gasket)
The dimension is the minimum opening & fitting of this group may be back drilling to larger id at pipe thread or straight thread end.
Dimensions are for reference only and subject to change.
Npt thread as per ansi b 1.20.1.
  All part numbers are proprietary of their respective owners
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