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Needle Valve
Screwed Bonnet Valve Male X Female NPT
Tubefit part no. SQ-A L Size Close-C Open-O
SBNV-6K-S6-4NMX4NF 25(0.98") 55(2.16") 1/4"NPT 74(2.91") 79(3.11")
SBNV-6K-S6-6MFX6NF 25(0.98") 55(2.16") 3/8"NPT 74(2.91") 79(3.11")
SBNV-6K-S6-8MFX8NF 32(1.26") 62(2.44") 1/2"NPT 77(3.03") 82(3.23")
SBNV-6K-S6-12MFX12NF 32(1.26") 62(2.44") 3/4'NPT 77(3.03") 82(3.23")
SBNV-6K-S6-16MFX16NF 32(1.26") 62(2.44") 1"NPT 77(3.03") 82(3.23")
Above part nos are only for SS 316 material of construction. In case of any other material of construction kindly mention in the order details.
Bonnet Assembly : screwed bonnet design
Bonnet : back seated blow out proof.
Spindle : ground and thread rolled.
Dust cap protects stem threads from external contamination.
Packing below thread.
Heat code traceability.
Zero leak.
Testing :
standard test: each valves is tested with nitrogen at 1,000 psi for seat & packing leakage, with a max. Allowable leak rate of 0 .1 std. Cm3 / min .
Hydrostatic shell test is performed at 1.5 times the working pressure. Optional test are available upon request.
Lubrication :
Dye molly sulhide
Technical    specifications :
Size :   1/4"  &  1/2"
End  Connection :  npt,  bspt  , bspp &   socket  weld.
Working Pressure : 6000 psi (431 bar)
Material of Construction : SS 316, SS 304, C.S, F11, Hastelloy, Monel, Brass 
Stem Packing : PTFE, Viton.
Orifice :  ø4.7
All  valves  are  100%  factory  tested  prior  to  shipment. Valve  can  be  supplied   to  meet  current   revision  of   nace   mr  - 01-75 (sourgas   service)
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