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- Vent Protector
Vent Protector
Tubefit part no. Equivalent Part no. Type 1 Equivalent part no Type 2 NPT MALE PIPE SIZE P Ø E BODY HEX F L
4N-VPD MS-MD-4M 4MDF-SS 1/4  0.28  9/16  0.78 
6N-VPD MS-MD-6M 6MDF-SS 3/8  0.41  11/16  0.81 
8N-VPD MS-MD-8M 8MDF-SS 1/2  0.50  7/8  1.03 
12N-VPD MS-MD-12M 12MDF-SS 3/4  0.72  1-1/16  1.06 
16N-VPD MS-MD-16M 16MDF-SS 0.94  1-3/8  1.31 
TUBEFIT vent protectors, or more commonly known as the mud dauber fittings, protect open ends of instruments, tubing, outlet vents and bleed-off lines.The mesh wire screen prevents foreign particles such as mud dauber insects from entering and clogging various systems and causing damage.
Standard materials are brass and stainless steel. Additional materials, sizes and fitting configurations are available on request.
Note :
The E Dimension is the minimum opening.
Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
NPT thread as per ANSI B 1.20.1
  All part numbers are proprietary of their respective owners
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